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A little “Hitchstory”

Hitchery was originally conceived in late 2010 (on a plane of all places). Glen brought the concept and a tiny prototype to Startup Weekend in Boston, and we went on to take the gold. Kevin was on the original team, and Mike, who had met Glen at a previous Startup Weekend (hey, it's a theme!), joined up a few months later after getting inspired by the idea.

We began public testing in 2011, and officially launched at the SXSW conference in March of 2012. Our goal continues to be providing our players with a uniquely fun virtual travel experience, and our partners with a uniquely fun marketing opportunity that goes way beyond the traditional location-based model.


Glen Daniels

Founder and Chief Hitcher

Glen is a 20+ year software industry veteran in companies large and small, who was recently re-bitten by the startup bug. He built Hitchery's Android application, and works on the Rails backend along with Kevin, in addition to doing game design, business development, and trying to keep the team supplied with ramen noodles. He loves live music, board gaming, fine food, and his hitchers have visited the Philippines!

Kevin Monahan

iPhone Developer

Kevin started his career as a code monkey at a big financial company, but has always maintained an interest in the startup scene. After jumping ship a couple of years ago, he spent some time as an independent developer before joining Hitchery, where he's responsible for the iPhone app as well as the backend. When not busy coding, Kevin enjoys brewing (and drinking) his own beer, board gaming, and juggling.

Mike Altman

UX Designer

Ex-developer turned user evangelist, Mike has been consulting and designing user experiences for high profile web sites and applications for the past 3 years. Between writing and weekend mountain-manning, he has found a passion in grassroots startup work in the quest to make it usable, understandable, and enjoyable. Also to blame for this website.