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Everything you ever wanted to know about buses but were afraid to ask

Little did you know when you were buying that fancy, shiny, futuristic smart phone that you were also buying a bus! Buses are how hitchers get around in Hitchery. They travel around the world from real location to real location on poeple's phones.

Using your GPS, you can "pull over" in you current location. Why would you want to pull over? Yeah, we've heard that one before.

Check it: you can look for hitchers that belong to real people all over the world and pick them up! Take them with you wherever you go. Send them messages like "This bus is bound for the Big Apple... anything I should do while I'm there? Anywhere you wanna go? Any pictures I can get for you?"

bus image
  • You can pick up hitchers
  • Talk to hitchers
  • Drop off hitchers
  • Take photos and pose your passengers
  • Help hitchers accomplish goals
  • Leave posts in locations for the next guy to find
  • Look for special robot hitchers (who can give you bonuses)
  • Earn bumper stickers for you bus
  • Create Bus Stops

Bus Stops you say?!

Do you frequent the same watering hole day after day? Well, you may be an alcoholic. There's good news though! You claim any location as your own bus stop (Just be sure to pull over once a week to let us know you're still in the area/alive.) We'll send a courtssy shuttle to your bus stop once in a while with some hitchers for you to pick up.

Live somewhere without many hitchers around? Make sure you set up your bus stop and we'll send you some. Make sure you show them a good time!

Keep your eyes on the side of the road

To keep things interesting, we’ve added a number of non-player hitchers to the world. Keep an eye out for painter hitchers, robot hitchers, and sponsor hitchers (who can get you special deals if you get them to where they want to go).