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Is Hitchery safe?

Yup! Although Hitchery uses GPS and real locations, it's not actually hitch hiking. Hitchery is a safe anonymous way to virtually travel around the world.

What is a hitcher?

A hitcher is a virtual character that travels around the world on people's phones to real places. More about hitchers

What is a bus?

In Hitchery, your phone is a bus. You can pull over in real locations that are nearby to pick up, drop off, and share photos with hitchers. More about buses

I finished the tutorial, now what?

Check out the “Itinerary” from the home screen to see what's around. You'll be able to see all of the goals from the hitchers on your bus here. Start completing goals for hitchers and you'll be on your way to earning bumper stickers and other prizes.

What happens if my hitcher gets stuck somewhere remote?

You can always call your hitcher home. Just make sure you have an empty seat on your bus! Tap the menu from the hitcher's screen and then tap “Call Home”

I live pretty far away from other hitchers. How can I pick one up?

You should be able to find robot hitchers around who can help you earn bumper stickers and do cool things like paint your bus. If you want to find hitchers that belong to real people, try pulling over somewhere you frequent and create a Bus Stop. We'll shuttle you some hitchers who need a ride. Make sure you show them a good time!

There aren't a lot of buses around where I live, how can I get my hitcher picked up?

Try teleporting one of your hitchers to a friend or sharing your hitcher's teleport link on Twitter or Facebook. From the hitcher's screen hit menu, and teleport. You'll get a unique link that you can share. Anyone who clicks the link will get prompted to install hitchery (if they don't already have it) and your hitcher will appear on their bus.

What are all these robot hitchers?

Robot hitchers live all over the world. They have goals and some can grant your bus special skills if you pick them up (you'll have to explore that part on your own).

How do I get a unique (non-human) hitcher?

Seen some puppy or alien hitchers out there and want one too? They certainly catch the eye and get picked up when in a place with a lot of hitchers. Check out “The Store” from the home screen for new hitchers.

Can I customize my bus?

You can earn bumper stickers by achieving goals or traveling a certain amount of miles. Certain robot hitchers can help you color your bus. There will be more customization options in the future.

What are hats?

Your hitcher can earn and wear hats by accomplishing certain tasks with the help of strangers. Set some goals and message bus drivers that pick you up. The driver can earn bumper stickers and your hitcher can earn hats. It just takes a little bit of teamwork and communication. Tap on the hats button in the middle of the hitcher's screen to chose and wear hats.

Can I only hold 3 hitchers on my bus?

Yup! You'll have to make some hard decisions with who you give a ride to. You can upgrade your bus to have more seats in “The Store” on the home screen.

Can I only make 2 hitchers?

You can only make 2 when you start out. You can buy more hitchers from “The Store.”

Can I delete or edit one of my hitchers?

Not yet, but stay tuned.